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Trusted Real Estate Septic Inspections in Greenville

Septic tank

A real estate septic inspection provides sellers, buyers and agents peace of mind prior to entering into escrow. This testing ensures that the OSSF (your septic system) is operating the way it should be. Many people make the mistake of relying on home inspectors to perform the escrow septic inspections. This isn’t thorough enough, as all they may do is flush a few toilets and turn on the faucets. American Waste performs a full inspection, including finding the actual tank and checking for

  • Backup
  • Backflow
  • Corrosion
  • Leaking
  • Liquid level reaction
  • Roots

We also assess the condition of your tank and leach system and present everything in a two-page report so you can get proper certification and move forward with closing.

Testing & Reports for Spartanburg & the Upstate South Carolina Area

Escrow septic inspections benefit many. The homebuyer can rest assured that the waste system is in good condition prior to purchasing the house. The seller meets all disclosure requirements set forth by state statute, which prevents future trouble from the buyer should the system fail. The realty agent maintains his or her reputation by ensuring that the escrow goes smoothly. If everything is disclosed from the beginning, including the septic system’s condition, everyone possesses knowledge that keeps the transaction out of the court system because someone filed a frivolous lawsuit.

Peace of Mind for Buyers & Sellers

The experts at American Waste can provide a full report on the health of your waste system, and it’s good to have this information even if you aren’t planning on putting your home on the market. We help customers in the entire Upstate South Carolina area, including Greenville and Spartanburg. If during our assessment we discover your tank is full, we can perform an emergency septic pumping on the spot. Call us at 864-907-7508 for the peace of mind we provide with our residential services.

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