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Important Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Pumped

There are important things to watch out for when you have a septic tank. The tank is on your property, which means it can have an overall effect on the land around it. Here are some things to watch out for.

Pooling Liquid or Overly Green Grass

If your septic tank is leaking back onto your grass, you may see overly bright patches of land around your tank. This is a less obvious sign of a leak or a full tank. It seems obvious to many that suspicious pools of water would mean something very similar, but you need to double-check into this as well when you see it. Your grass should have the same consistency and brightness across the board.

Odors and Sewer Backup

Unsavory odors could be a sure sign of coming trouble. Sewer backup, like strange pools, is a highly visible sign that means your tank needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

Signs Inside

Be on the lookout as well for slow drains in your home. This could have multiple causes, but if you have a septic tank, it could be a culprit in the situation.
To find help when you suspect a septic tank problem, contact a professional. Call American Waste Septic Tank Service for more information.
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