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Common Septic Tank Problems

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Septic tanks require preventive measures and regular maintenance to avoid common problems as much as possible. Knowledge of how septic tanks work is the most important tool any homeowner can have to avoid expensive repair or replacement.

How Septic Systems Work

Septic is the key word here, meaning filled with bacteria. In this context, this is a system of good bacteria breaking down human and household waste. Ideally, solids are captured and broken down over time in the tank as liquids flow into a pit or trench. Septic tanks should be pumped annually to get rid of solid waste buildup.

Common Problems

  • Solids bypass the full tank and flow into the pit or trench
  • The soil cannot absorb wastewater
  • Unwanted bacteria or algae block up the pipes
  • The tank or system is damaged

Preventive Measures

Household members should know what is acceptable to flush and what should never go down the drain. Marketing on packages may say something is flushable, but if it is not biodegradable, it does not belong in your septic. This is true of any cotton, cardboard, plastic or synthetic materials. When cleaning hairbrushes, throw hair in the trash instead.

Using too much detergent and bleach or pouring down toxic materials will not only kill the helpful bacteria in your system, it will also poison your soil and possibly your groundwater. Educate everyone who uses your facilities on proper septic etiquette and address any problems immediately to keep your septic system fully functional. Call American Waste in Greenville for septic service and maintenance.

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